EMBERS OF TENT CITY table reading 

Arthur French (Mac) with Michael A. Jones as Tyrone, a banker who wants Mac to help shelter his clients who are facing foreclosures and evictions

Miranda Noelle Wilson as sheriff's granddaughter Luanne hell-bent on getting to the first meeting of the Tea Party on Feb 16 2009 "to take our country back" and John Long as Keith, a recruiter for grass roots Tea Party organizers from a D.C. consortium of corporations and Congressional reps.

Connie Winston and Arthur French as Victoria and Mac McFarley. Mac, a WWII vet, wants to shelter people evicted as a result of the '08 financial crash.

Hamilton Meadows as Sheriff Zeke furious that Mac will build a tent city in a field next to his farmhouse… and irritated, but thoughtful, when Mac points out his granddaughter is ready to jump to do the bidding of the new Tea Party just as Zeke did for the White Citizen Council in the 60s when he almost killed Mac and other leaders of the voting rights struggle.


Cast of VEILS OF JUSTICE in one of 3 winning staged readings in TRU VOICES Reading Series- in order of speaking:

EMBERS Photos by Elodie Croas