Playwriting questions on your mind...? 

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Political Theater: What is the power of political drama on stage when we watch it daily on TV news? Dramatist Guild Institute's Gary Garrison is exploring 20 political plays with us in a 10-week course. Stand by for highlights. Your thoughts about what makes good political theater?

Some thoughts about wrighting plays today - send yours to and I'll add them to the conversations with/without your name and website.

Audience Immersion in Story:Not just off-off in a hotel room with the Sea Dog ‚ÄčEnsemble. Or Michael Moore's bus trip for one night's audience. Broadway's Farinelli plunges hundreds of us into a country town as peasants, curious about the arrival of a king in our woods - completely in sync with plot, characters and set.  Conversational without any awkward need to figure out our roles and relationships... in addition to the superb acting, singing and direction... gorgeous costumes and sets that embrace the audience... magical lighting with candles...  Your  examples of breaking through the 4th wall between us and them?

Transmedia Storytelling: Has anyone plotted a story across media? E.g., story running through and related to - but not just duplicating -

  • stage play,
  • website adventure or background explorations/information,
  • emailed story clues or conversation transcripts,
  • film - online, downloadable, at onsite showings,
  • cellphone blast with character's rap or dialogue excerpt,
  • radio interview with characters,
  • onsite or online meet-up,

and, because I went to ubisoft's 3 days (sold-out 9 AM to 6 PM) with a rapt, hooting and hollering audience of mostly millennial fans/players of Rainbow 6 Siege computer game international play-offs and championship where I experienced an audience of 1,000 totally involved  in games embedded in a series of short dramatized, interactive storylines and even in a classical symphony by an onstage full orchestra:

  • selected story challenges and quests built into online or onsite game-like  interactive journeys...

Your ideas about creating within, through and across today's communications?